best cannabis club in San Antoni

Best Cannabis Club in San Antonio Ibiza?

What happened to the Best Cannabis Club in San Antonio Ibiza? What happened to ALL the weed cafes in San Antonio? You may have noticed that all the cannabis clubs in San Antonio have all vanished without a trace. What happened? Why did they all close? Where have they gone. As residents of this island here we answer all these questions and more as we dig deeper into why ALL the weed clubs in San Antonio have been closed…

cannabis club san antonio ibiza
Best Cannabis Club San Antonio Ibiza

Best Weed Club in San Antonio?

It´s Closed… What lies here is the tombstone of what used to be the Best Cannabis Club San Antonio had to offer. Now San Antonio has nothing to offer for party goers and cannabis consumers… Well in that case we recommend – if possible – change your search to “Canary Islands” Tenerife and Lanzarote are our favourites, but Gran Canaria also has a lot offer… But stop with the stupidness and behave please… WHY? 

The council in Ibiza in the month of May 2022 decided to revoke all licenses for cannabis clubs in San Antonio, Why? Because of the “crackdowns” that Spain is having against “binge drinking” and the behavioural problems caused by excess alcohol followed by stupid behaviour… Many party areas are affected and we ask you to please get more information by clicking this link and reading this article on the New Decree Law. So the “crackdown affects a few areas in Spain including Sant Antoni de Portmany (San Antonio). Hotels by law have to limit alcoholic drinks to just 6 per day, and you can only consume alcohol at certain times such as with meals. The council also revoked all the licenses for all the cannabis clubs and told them to move as part of this “crackdown”. Thanks

cannabis club in san antonio
Best Weed Club in San Antonio

The Club…

What was a great weed club located in the beautiful area of San Antonio Ibiza – was for the second year running the best cannabis club in San Antonio Ibiza. Open just over 3 years, with an awesome menu and a good selection of good quality everything. They had a lot of unique choices  – all grown organically indoors by the association and very good quality. Contributions were low also. Everything there, variety of extracts, dab station, Cali… and more. oh and edibles available too infused with thc. Excellent club, modern interior, new and modern sofa´s, chairs and tables, clean, spotless and shiny.

Ibiza cannabis clubs
Cannabis Club Sant Antoni de Portmany


What a shame that alcohol has influenced this decision and has had an affect on the cannabis users who are totally the opposite of alcohol users. We here at Cloud9beyond are very disappointed that the government has confused cannabis users behaviour with alcohol users behaviour, we have been studying cannabis and its effects for a long time and it is no secret, the information is readily available for everyone to see… Now there are 0 calm people in Sant Antonio Portmany because there is no access to calm” products” like cannabis.

weed club in ibiza
Weed Club in Ibiza

What to do now?

Unfortunately we have to travel to either “Ibiza Town” (21+) or to “Santa Eularia” (18+) …or Canary Islands

14 thoughts on “Best Cannabis Club in San Antonio Ibiza?”

    1. Hiii… all the Cannabis Clubs in San Antonio are closed… what we have on the website is true and up to date.

      1. Good evening. We are staying in San Antonio but are willing to travel. Which is the closest club to us that you don’t have to be 21. Thank you in advance.

        1. Unfortunately the closest club is Ibiza Town, but. it is 21+… for 18+ you will have to go to Santa Eularia, sorry, there are very few clubs in Ibiza that take tourists.

  1. Célestine De Herdt

    We are a Belgian couple visiting the beautiful San Antonio for a chill holiday.
    Unfortunately we came to the conclusion cannabis cannot be sold here anymore, reading your website (we did know this in advance as cannabis should be legal here, as far we knew).
    We are staying at the Bellamar hotel, could you recommend (and provide acces to) a nearby club you are mentioning in your post?

    1. Hiii… all the Cannabis Clubs in San Antonio are closed… what we have on the website is true and up to date. Check our Cannabis Clubs page (in the menu) for clubs accepting members.

  2. Is there any still running on the island in total or is it only San Antonio where they have shut

    1. Yes, it is just San Antonio. We have other clubs here on our website in Ibiza Town and Sant Eularia… Click “Cannabis Clubs” in the menu.

  3. Clarithethedestroyer

    Santa Eularia club is very nice,excellent choice,cool people. A wee oasis of happiness

  4. LOPES VAZ Vanessa

    I will be there next week.. I would like to know if the club “Weed Ibiza” is still open, pls ?

    1. That´s us my friend, those are our offices you see on google maps, we put it in the description there… We are cannabis consultants helping you to connect to only the best, reputable cannabis clubs in Ibiza… Simply selct cannabis clubs from our the menu here and choose Ibiza Town, read and follow the instructions to register, very fast and easy with support included.

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