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Find the Best Weed in Ibiza

We look for the best weed in Ibiza. Our mission is to help you to avoid the expensive “tourist traps”. There are many in Ibiza and it´s not wise to trust street promoters, some clubs do not have a license or just bad quality herb.

Weed Ibiza – Connecting you to the best, reputable cannabis clubs in Ibiza since 2017. We are independent and we have an unbiased opinion, we are residents and members of over 50 weed clubs in Ibiza and we will invite you to enjoy only the best quality produce in a comfortable and safe environment. Our service is free, but club memberships apply… If you need more information on how it works in Spain, then please take a look at our ” info” section

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How does it Work?

By law all cannabis clubs in Spain are Private Members Only and we are not permitted to publish names and locations publicly.

If you consume cannabis on a regular basis, then simply choose a cannabis club, read the details carefully, click “become a member” – choose a day and time and you will immediately receive a private email with the name and location of the club, as well your membership QR Code, you must show this when you get to the club along with your official identification, the club will check these and register you on their system and issue you with membership cards… easy. Read our Blogs or choose a club.

Ibiza Weed Guide

With so much confusion surrounding the legalities of what enables weed clubs in Ibiza to operate, it can be harmful to the cannabis clubs and their future existence if you don’t have the knowledge, and do things the wrong way. Here we break it down for you so that you can understand why and how the clubs exist in Spain, and how to access them the right way.